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Youth-Tier Ranks/Tags Empty Youth-Tier Ranks/Tags

Post by Kinuvari XR I on Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:09 pm

These ranks are for the youth of the pack. The pups and teens. If the player chooses, whoever is in these ranks can be adopted into a family within the pack.

Youth-tier ranks - XRjr, XR x, XR xI, XR xII, XR xIII

Rank Tag - XRjr
Rank Name - Junior (adolescent/teen)
Responsibilities - Obey teachings of their respected mentors of the branch they seek to pursue. All must partake in training and activity within their group.
Privileges and Limits - CANNOT spar or battle. CAN take walks if supervised by a higher ranking XR.
Amount holding this rank - 1
Who holds this rank - Zayev (Sareko)
Other Notes - Juniors will remain with parents or higher ranking XR until graduation. Those who do not graduate will retrain in their branch.

Rank Tag - XR x, (Alpha's pups - XR xI), (Beta's pups - XR xII), (Delta's pups - XR xIII)
Rank Name - Lieblings (Pups)
Responsibilities - Obey all other ranked wolves, determine future rank to pursue, learn the ways of the pack.
Privileges and Limits - CANNOT spar or battle. CAN take walks, ONLY when supervised by a higher-ranked XR.
Amount holding this rank - 3
Who holds this rank - Szevier (Cat-nip), Serenity (.Noble . Flag.), Primula (FluffySock)
Other Notes - Minimum duration of puphood from birth is 2 weeks (IRL). During these weeks, pup grows gradually. After 2 weeks duration, pups are said to be 7 to 12 months of age, and can be ranked.
Kinuvari XR I
Kinuvari XR I
Lady/Lord - XR I (Alpha)
Lady/Lord - XR I (Alpha)

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