Our home. The Arche

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Our home. The Arche Empty Our home. The Arche

Post by Kinuvari XR I on Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:47 pm

This is The Arche. It is where we live, where we raise families, and where we protect our family.

Our home. The Arche 2iawqoy

Oden Point - This is where the Alpha pair reside for the majority of their time. They watch the pack from their large rock.

Kahota Post - This is the spot where the guards, scouts, and warriors go to watch over the pack. Warning the Alpha pair of enemies and rouges looking to harm the pack. This is also where we do most of the training for the low-tier ranks.

Xakona Lookout - This spot is where the high-tiers go to make meetings, and to bring unknown packs to form alliances. If things get out of hand here with a pack that becomes rivals, they are far enough away from the pack that they can be stopped easily. Also a place for the alpha pair to get some quiet time.

Hunting Grounds - The Hunting Grounds are a place where wild game roam. A place for the hunters and hunters in training can get meals for the pack.

The Den & Common Area - The den is where almost all of the packmembers reside. This is our main home and resting area. The Common Area is where we hold spar matches, hold graduation ceremonies, and a place for everyone to feel safe and relaxed.

In character, no low ranking wolf can leave this territory without permission from a higher ranking wolf. For their own protection.
Kinuvari XR I
Kinuvari XR I
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Lady/Lord - XR I (Alpha)

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