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Our simple beginning... Empty Our simple beginning...

Post by Kinuvari XR I on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:39 am

HAH.. Simple is far from what really happened...

This all started with Kinuvari... A young, hopeful fae looking to start a pack, a family, a place where she could feel normal and free. Well, one day when she was following her sister, then she saw that her sister had a pack! Great news for little Kinu!

After a few days, she got to know the members of this pack; talking with them, hanging out with the different members, and just all around having great fun!.. Until the alpha came along.. This brute barked once and all the members, including her sister had to line up behind this huge tan wolf. He towered over her, well.. Everyone towered over Kinu.. She was a runt. Anyway, this big wolf stared at her, and stated in a stern voice, "You are not welcome here. Get out of my land." the little brown fae was scared, and confused.. She had finally found a place to call her own, and then it was all taken away..

She looked towards her sister, who had her head down.. She couldn't help her otherwise she'd lose her place in the pack.. Kinu knew she couldn't do that to her beloved sibling. So she did what she had to, and left..

Days went by, and she found a nice little den where she thought to herself, "This would be perfect to start a pack.." she got excited, happily bouncing around as she let out a howl, calling her mate to her. She explained what happened and told him that she wanted to start a pack with him.. He accepted her offer!

After days went by, she had started to form her pack.. The Xanrek Rebellion! Had a nice ring to it. As her and her mate sat at their new home, watching their pack members play at the bottom of the hill. She started thinking, "I wonder how my sister is doing.." Kinu looked toward her mate, telling him to watch the pack while she went on a hunt to find her sister.. She would see her one way or another.

Moments passed until Kin realized.. Her sister's pack was right over the hill from hers! Unbelievable! "Sister!" she called out, looking around before jumping over a rock to meet with her sister.. But she was too slow, the tan bruja jumped between them, then barked out, "Leave now." "But.. I just want to be here for my sist--" she got cut off by a harsh snarl, "I said LEAVE. You are NOT welcome here, and you are NOT going to see your sister again."

Soon after that happened, Kinu had a great idea! She would ask him to become her ally, then she'd be able to see her sibling. She sent the pack to go recruiting so she could be alone, just in case something bad were to happen... She crawled cautiously over the hill. Kin spotted the alpha male. She walked over... She meant business! "Sir.. Can I please have a word alone with you?" she pleaded, he agreed! They walked away from the packs to a quiet spot to talk, "I would like to make an alliance with you, if you'd have us.." She said, "You have a low-tier pack. I would never alliance with wolves like you." he stated sternly as he started padding away. "But.." she tried, "If you are not out of the valley by sundown, your whole pack will die." he barked before running back to his pack. "Shit!" she yelled at herself, racing towards her pack. She was worried now, his numbers were too great to challenge.

She got to her pack, frantic, and scared. She got her whole pack out in time, moving them to a different, more hidden location.. They called this The Arche. Time came and went, her bond with her sister unbroken and her pack and family are safe.. At least for the time being.

The Xanrek Rebellion is growing, learning, and living on in The Arche. Safe from harm... For now.
Kinuvari XR I
Kinuvari XR I
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Lady/Lord - XR I (Alpha)

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