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Post by Guest on Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:43 pm

These are the in character rules that need to be followed while roleplaying. Please read through all of them!

Alpha's word is law. All members must follow the chain of command and submit to their superiors.

Treason is heavily discouraged. Those found committing treasonous acts will be punished or kicked.

Punishments are first and foremost dealt by the Brutus with aid from the high-tier wolves. Other high tiers are permitted to punish when the Brutus is unavailable. Severe cases are to be brought to the Lady and Lord before punishment is dealt.

Stealing from pack members is strictly prohibited.

Heavy use of violence and gore is welcomed. Content breaching 18+ is to be taken to party or whisper.

Foul language is permitted but please use formally.

All recruits must be active within the pack for three days in real life and ranked by the Mediator/High-tier and/or submit an application before being considered for a rank.

Only sub high-tier and high-tiers may leave The Arche (territory) without permission. All other rankings must request permission from the highest rank online before leaving The Arche.

When in character, these rules must be followed! Thank you!


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