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Post by Guest on Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:43 pm

These are rules for the forum, please follow them while here.

Only high tiers are permitted to accept new members. Roleplay samples are required, no exceptions.

Do not harrass high tiers or your mentors about promotions. If they deem you ready, they will tell you to place an upgrade application to be reviewed by the high tiers. All applications not approved by rank sub highs will be ignored.

Only the Alphas may promote and/or demote members although it is suggested they consult with their high tier beforehand.

All pups must be in the pack and active for two weeks in real life time before being considered for a rank.

Mates within enemy packs is highly discourage and can result in punishment by the Brutus or another high tier.

All members are permitted only ONE character in the pack. Double accounting is strictly prohibited and can result in a kick from the group.

Aging Process for pups

two weeks r/l = 6 months in roleplay
four weeks r/l = 12 months or 1 year in roleplay


As an active group, we expect at least a minimum of being online/posting on our website/Skype group for at least two days a week if not more.

We are aware that everyone has a life that includes school, work, family, friends etc and other personal affairs that can take time and make some members less active than others. However, please realize that all unannounced absences of two weeks or longer can result in a demotion of your character's rank along with a possible permanent kick from the pack.

If taking a break for three days or longer, please inform us in the absence section of the forum. Thank you!


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