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Post by Guest on Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:44 pm

These rules are out of character rules that must be followed. Please read through theses rules!

All members are required to wear their tags at all times while on their XR characters.

Character dresscode must be kept semi realistic. We do not accept sparkle mutts, wings, neon pelts... etc.

God modding, gun running, meta gaming, power playing... etc is strictly prohibited.

Maturity is not always required, but please be mature when needed.

When speaking out of character in local and roleplay is going on, please use ), } or ] to keep it separated from the roleplay. If you don't want to do that, please keep OOC in group chat.

Roleplay is to be kept in local, OOC in group.

Mate begging, parent begging, and rank begging is strictly prohibited and can result in a kick.

Stealing from packmates (Art, designs, characters, species etc) will result in a kick.

Spying is only permitted IC if it is part of a set plot. OOC spies will be removed upon discovery.

Keep IC and OOC separated if possible.

Characters in enemy packs is strictly prohibited. You will be forced to choose.

The harrassment of other roleplayers (no matter their level) or other pack members is strictly prohibited and can result in a demotion or kick.

All major plots must be approved by Lady and lord and/or the high tiers.

Respect the past but do not linger.

Thank you for reading, and most important rule of all! have fun! <3


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